Christmas Card

Once in a while I chase her around with my photography camera. She enjoys it and knows how to work the camera. She loves it when I print out the photos and hang them around the house. She smiles with joy and excitement.


Gaitan Family

Its always an honor to be asked to photograph a family, and its amazing when asked to capture each time the family grows. I get to be part of their life in a special way, I get to see them before kids and after kids. I first did a photoshoot with Garold and Roseanna probably ten years ago, and now with their new second son. We had fun snapping photos in Redlands.

Maternity Shoot

James and Brittney have been good friends of mine for over ten years and I’ve been part of their lives through all the phases of love, heart break, excitement and now bringing a life into the world. I was excited to be their photographer to capture this special moment; as Brittney transforms into a mother and James into a father.

Bella Grace Photoshoot

I came across a magazine called Bella Grace and was inspired to submit some of my photography. I wanted to create something new that would encourage others to spend time alone, and take in the world. I asked a friend of mine, Hannah to be my model, and have some fun being creative.

Sam & Dylan’s Wedding

My friend Bri contacted me asking if I would be able to shoot her sister’s wedding. She told me it would be small with just a few close people. I had no idea how adorable and inspired I would be as a person who has been to many weddings. I loved every moment of Sam and Dylan’s wedding. It was low key and relaxed. When it was time for my own wedding, I remembered Sam and Dylan and knew I wanted a easy going wedding just like theirs.