Conference Opener – Purpose

In the past for conference videos, they tend to be more poetic like and have images to help bring the theme of the conference out. This year I wanted to create a journey that the characters would grow in. It was fun to connect with different friends and see parts of their life. I filmed and edited this piece.


Women Conference Trailer

One of the most challenging projects I would do every year are the Women’s Conference trailer, these videos were an important part of the creative direction the conference would take on. I would set the tone and pace, build up excitement and inspire. Here are a few I did in the past.

Epic Countdown

Days before I went into labor with my first child, I finished this project for a women’s conference, the idea was to use all the promotional footage and create a countdown to the start of the conference. It would be the last project I create for The Rock Church, a good way to end with a bang! The LED screen was going to be the largest it’s ever been, so the video was created for that display.

Gail Business Story

I met Gail while interviewing her for a church project. She later asked me to put together her business story. We worked together to capture her passion to honor the hero’s of this country.

I filmed Gail and interviewed her for a giving campaign, I was given the task to edit her story and also capture her heart to give.

Lyric Videos

One of my favorite things to do is to create nothing out of something.
Usually that means I am spending a few days in After Effects, animating shapes and figuring out how to do what I see in my head.

I created this Lyric Video for a Christmas service.

Conference Opener

Through out the years I was asked to create a video that would open up a women’s conference to communicated the theme for the year. Often time I was asked to cover specific details and make them into an entertaining piece. This video was accompany with a live dance.

Yearly Recap Video

I worked at The Rock Church and World Outreach Center for 12 years. I spent most of my time creating videos from nothing. Usually I would start with an idea, develop it into a script and began to piece something together. What I enjoyed the most while working at the Rock was those around me believed and trust me to make videos from my own creativity and ideas as well as lead the video team. I appreciated the freedom and the opportunity to use my time working there to learn so much about producing videos. We were always busy there and I enjoyed the busyness. Here is one of many I made there recapping the year.

Event Opener: Hearts Ablaze

Processed with VSCO with g3 presetOne of my favorite projects I worked on was an opener I created for a women’s conference. If you never seen an opener to a conference it sets the tone and theme of what will be said during the event. It also has an impact on the attendees, out of everything they learn they will walk away remembering the video they saw, it becomes a visual memory.

The theme that year was to inspire women to have a heart ablaze. I imagined a young woman running on the beach, enjoying life as she ran with a sparkler with the conference theme narrating what it means to have a heart set ablaze. The imagery would be beautiful to shoot.  It was fun to take the team to the beach that year and together make this idea come to life. Destiny was an editor on the team who looked beautiful on camera, our tech director Steven flew the drone and Cole who was our intern helped me film as I directed the scene. It was also great to see how everyone’s gift and talent came together.

When I got back to the editing table I realized I need some important shots to help tell the story. So My husband and I took Destiny to the beach again to get our ending. Together it came out beautifully. I ended up using my voice for the voice over of the video, I felt like this project came together really well.