Event: Collector Car Auction

When Gus told me he was on the production team for a collector car auction I insisted he get me a ticket.  Seeing classic cars is like traveling back in time. I picture the families that use to own it, the conversations that took place, the adventures, the everyday moments like going to the grocery store. It takes me back to a time I only see in movies, a time when life was simple.

All the cars were so unique from each other with amazing details. I decided to photograph what makes each car special.

Decades later we call these cars a work of art.

When I saw this black Chevy I was taken back to my childhood. My dad use to have one and he loved it. I remember when a random man came to our door and offered him cash for it. I can recall the look of sadness on my dad’s face, it was hard for him to let it go but finally did.

When I went inside for the auction it was amazing how much these cars were going for. Each one was going for no less than 40, 000. A black mustang went for 100, 000.

This 1960’s Porsche was my favorite!!!

Each car held its own beauty. The closer I looked the more elegant it became.

The Time Machine was even there! But not for sale 😦

Being at the auction I understood the heart of the buyer. My emotions would take over and I would pay anything. I pictured myself ridding the car in the sunset, cruising. Yes, if I had that much money I would say, “I worked hard for my dollars, why not.” haha..