How to Tell a Story with Your Work

An Introduction to Storytelling
The word STORY is a popular word and it can become confusing on what it is. I found when I learned how to tell a story did I see a difference in my work and it also made my work have meaning. Learn how to be a storyteller with your photography, editing, writing and connect with your audience. I share a few things I’ve learned about storytelling and how powerful it can be.
I’ve been learning so much about storytelling reading to my daughter classic childhood stories and seeing how she connects with the aventures she’s hearing about. Over the years I’ve made storytelling complicated but it can be quite simple.

Questions to ask yourself when developing your story

What is the story?

Who are the characters?

What happens?

How were they changed?

Questions to ask yourself when shaping the story

With the images combine what is your video saying?

Does your video make sense

Would moving things around make your video make more understandable, entertaining or interesting?

Story is about connecting to your audience?

Who is your audience?

“A story is not only what you have to say but how you say it. If content is cliche, the telling will be cliche. But if your vision is deep and original, your story design will be unique.” STORY by Robert McKee


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Podcast Guest on The Way We Tell

920!x300!_8803817I met filmmaker, Jesse Koepke on twitter a few years ago. Since then we’ve kept in touch talking about our faith, storytelling,  videos, and encouraging each other about working in post as editors. He recently asked if I’d like to be a guest on his new podcast The Way We Tell, a podcast about storytelling.

Hear about how I started making videos and what it’s like being a media director at church.

You can listen here at: The Way We Tell and subscribe to this new podcast on iTunes.